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Must-eat in Thailand – Coconut Pudding

Known commonly as Sangkhaya in Thailand, coconut pudding is a street food that is relished across the country. Summer afternoons call for an extra helping of this amazing dessert, with the tropical sun bearing down on tourists flocking the streets in search of sweet respite from a Southeast Asian summer.

Coconut Pudding

Image Courtesy: Robyn Lee used under the Creative Commons Licence

Made with coconut milk, eggs, palm sugar, and a bit of salt, coconut pudding will fill you with a sense of much-need refreshment. Some variations also include pumpkins. In these versions, the coconut custard is baked along with the pumpkin. This dish is popular in Thailand and Cambodia. While the Cambodians like their coconut pudding slightly sticky, the Thai version is far less sticky, and is plated up with a coarser, custard-like texture.

Thai Coconut Pudding

Image Courtesy: Thai Jasmine (Smile..smile… used under the Creative Commons Licence

Like it is with most street foods, it is a lot of fun digging into this dessert. While most restaurants will serve it to you in a bowl, or a plate, street vendors take the more traditional route by neatly placing it on a plantain leaf. While there is every chance that the pudding might escape your grasp while attempting to spoon it off a leaf, the taste that the leaf brings to the pudding is something else!

With so much flavour and fun packed into a simple pudding, it goes without saying that you absolutely must relish it on a hot, summer’s evening. So, take a break from your journey with a small bite of this must-eat in Thailand – Coconut Pudding.

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