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Must-eat in Straits – Yong Tau Foo

Commonly found in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, Yong Tau Foo is a Peranakan Chinese delicacy consisting of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste that is peculiar to Southeast Asian cuisine.

Vegetarian and vegans, too, can enjoy this dish as is includes delicious versions that bring in plenty of wholesome vegetables and herbs. Mushroom stuffing, for example, is very popular with many travellers. It is served with a yummy bowl of fish sauce or soy sauce. Many hawkers in Singapore and Thailand even serve it as a soup.

Yong Tau Foo

Image Courtesy: Andrew Abogado used under the Creative Commons Licence

Traditional versions of Yong Tau Foo consists of tofu cubes which are stuffed with minced lamb or pork. They’re fried until they’re golden brown, before being decorated with fresh springs of Chinese parsley and grated ginger. Condiments, too, feature prominently in Yong Tau Foo. You can relish the flavourful bites of eggplants, shiitake mushrooms and bitter melon along with some tangy meat paste.

In many parts of Malaysia and Singapore, this dish includes fish balls, crab sticks, cuttlefish, ladies fingers and chillies, apart from fresh produce, seafood and meats that are common to Chinese cuisine. These ingredients are served in a chicken broth or vegetable broth, along with a bowl of steamed rice, noodles or rice vermicelli. Laksa accompanies a plate of Yong Tau Foo in Southeast Asia, if curry sauce is unavailable.

With so much to enjoy while travelling through the Peranakan lands, make sure you sample this must-eat in Straits – Yong Tau Foo.

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