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Must-eat in Straits – Roti Canai

The reason Straits cuisine has become so popular world over is because it brings together the best of world cuisine. In this cuisine, you can experience the wonderful tastes and flavours of Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese and Indonesian cuisines, at the same time.

One of the simplest yet most delicious foods that finds it roots in Straits cuisine is Roti Canai. A type of flatbread that comes from India, Roti Canai is a popular snack that’s sold in roadside stalls in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Roti Canai

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What makes Roti Canai so appetising is the softness of the bread. It’s actually a thin sheet folded and grilled with oil. Then, it takes a circular shape to form a kind of savoury pancake. Served with spicy Asian style curries, this flatbread is quite delicious. You can also eat it with sweet and salty tomato puree, deep-fried potato snacks or chicken curry. This allows you to fully enjoy the best of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Roti Canai is sometimes called ‘Flying Bread’ in English and in Chinese. This term evokes the process of tossing and spinning the dough, by which this type of bread is made. In Chinese, it’s also called ‘Yin Du Jian Bing’, which means Indian Fried Biscuit (Bread).

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