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Must-eat in Malaysia: Otah

With a diverse and vibrant platter, it becomes quite a task for a foodie to choose what to dig into. It happens all the time with Malaysian cuisine in particular.

This cuisine has a reputation for such brilliant taste, that you are often tempted to clean out the buffet.

If there is ever a dish from this wonderful Southeast Asian platter that you simply must try, it is Otah or Otak-Otak. It is a grilled fish cake made of delicious fish meat, combined with tapioca and traditional spices which are peculiar to Southeast Asia. It is served fresh, wrapped delicately inside a banana leaf. The leaf gives the dish its own unique flavour and aroma.

Otah - Otak-Otak

Image Courtesy: Choo Yut Shing used under the Creative Commons Licence

Otah can be eaten solely or as a simple meal with steamed rice. In Malaysia, Otah has a reddish tinge, because it is flavoured with chillies, turmeric and curry powder, all of which are aromatic, it is quite difficult to say no to a plate of this treat. Otah is versatile, too. It can be made with other seafood such as prawns, and sometimes fish head, which is very popular with the locals. Otah can come neatly wrapped in coconut leaves as well.

Of all the Otah in Malaysia, the most popular and well loved recipe comes from the small southern town of Muar. A quiet fishing town with beautiful scenery, Malaysians flock to this town to enjoy a good plate of Otah.

The next time you’re journeying through Asia, remember to sample this must-eat in Malaysia: Otah.

Otah - Otak-Otak

Image Courtesy: Choo Yut Shing used under the Creative Commons Licence

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