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Must eat in Malaysia: Ipoh Hor Fun

Malaysia is famous for its high-rise buildings, culture, and the many wonderful experiences it springs up for the enjoyment of travellers and tourists from across the world. The country’s fabulous cuisine is also a major reason to visit Malaysia. It has some delectable treats to sample, relish and take home with you.

The city of Ipoh, in particular, is famous for its food culture. Its cuisine, inspired by the Chinese population, is a delightful combination of Cantonese and Hakka foods. From here, Malaysian cuisine gets Ipoh Hor Fun.

Ipoh Hor Fun Noodles

Image Courtesy: babe_kl used under the Creative Commons Licence

This dish is a plate of flat rice noodles, prepared with a beautifully rich broth. Sometimes also called Kai See Hor Fun (Shredded chicken noodles), the noodles are served with a clear chicken and prawn soup with chicken shreds, prawns and spring onions.

Sometimes, you will find mushrooms, fish balls fried shallots and Asian greens like Choy Sum in your Ipoh Hor Fun. Assorted vegetables are not a rarity in Malaysia, and you will find plenty of them in this dish. It is a very balanced and filling one-dish meal with a bit of everything – noodles, mushrooms, meat, seafood and vegetables – all on the same plate. The dish often served with fiery cut chilies in light soy sauce on the side.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this must-eat in Malaysia: Ipoh Hor Fun.

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