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Must-eat in Malaysia – Dim Sum

It doesn’t matter you’re a local or a tourist in Malaysia – you’re going to sink your enticed teeth into some sumptuous dishes from Malaysian cuisine, simply because they all looks and smells so very divine.

While in Australia, Yum Char is commonly used to describe this Asian tapas dish. In Malaysia, they are referred to as Dim Sum. Nothing comes close to the taste of good old Dim Sum, especially when you’re with family and friends. These bite-sized morsels are packed with flavour that’s as close to perfection as food can get.

Must-eat in Malaysia - Dim Sum

Image Courtesy: Jarawee S. used under the Creative Commons Licence

In and around Malaysia, there are at many roadside stalls and restaurants which are thronged by tourist and travellers from across the world. It is hardly surprising that these little delights have captured the hearts of so many thousands – they literally mean ‘dot the heart’ or ‘touch the heart’.

Steamed and served traditionally in bamboo baskets, these dumplings are flavourful bites of pork, shrimp and shiitake mushrooms. They burst with exotic local flavour, because they are seasoned with soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil, giving them their wonderful Asian taste. Malaysians have added their own spin to Dim Sum and incorporated interesting Malaysian ingredients like Sambal, tapioca, sago, coconut leaves and Pandan.

Sometimes, Dim Sum also comes stuffed with prawns and vegetables, which are equally tasty and lip-smacking, especially with a side of Malaysian Chilli Sauce. Your plate will be laden with the best of Malaysian cuisine.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this must-eat in Malaysia – Dim Sum.

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