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Must-eat in Japan – Yudofu

When it comes to great tofu-based dishes, Asia is the place to go! Whilst tofu is predominant in Japanese cuisine, it also occupies a very important place in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is Japanese cuisine which takes tofu and dresses it up in a unique way, allowing for it to become a universal favourite.


Image Courtesy: Richard Lee used under the Creative Commons Licence

Yudofu is, simply put, tofu cooked in hot water, and flavoured with a few authentic Asian ingredients. It is an easy-to-make Nabe dish. (Nabe dishes are a class of Japanese delicacies that are packed heavily with vegetables and meats served with rich, tasty sauces.)

Yudofu, too, is served with many sauces, more often than not a tangy Ponzu sauce made of vinegar and citrus juice. Usually topped with chopped green onion and grated ginger, this dish is provides the perfect amount of warmth for cold wintry months.

Japanese - Yudofu

Image Courtesy: irrational_cat used under the Creative Commons Licence

While nabe dishes rely heavily on meats, Yudofu consists only of tofu. You can enjoy it for its simplicity and rustic tastiness. Many street vendors who love plating it up with throw in a few long onions or some mild fish like cod, along with a few herbs to add to the taste of this Japanese home favourite. These vendors mostly use two types of tofu – Kinugoshi and Momen. While Kinugoshi has a soft texture, Momen comes with a rougher, firmer texture, and a strong soy bean taste.

Garnished with spring onions is how this dish can be completely relished. So, next time you’re digging into this must-eat in Japan – yudofu – insist on that all important garnish!

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