Must-Eat in Japan – Soba

There are certain foods that you simply have to eat when you visit a place of its origin. Really, you cannot walk out of Melbourne without sipping the local coffee. It’s a crime not to sink your teeth into pasta when in Rome. Or indeed, turning a blind eye to kadai paneer on the streets of New Delhi.

So, when you’re in Japan, not sampling soba is unthinkable. Soba, a type of Japanese noodles that are famous in Japan, are made of buckwheat flour, and have a nutty flavour that stands out quite strongly. Absolutely delicious and lip-smacking, soba is served with a dipping sauce or broths that Southeast Asia is so famous for. Some restaurants and street-carts also serve it as a noodle soup.

Soba - Must-Eat in Japan

Image Courtesy: bour3 used under the Creative Commons Licence

There are several types of soba, too. Japanese cuisine uses tofu abundantly. This is one of the reasons kitsune soba is so popular in Tokyo. It is a type of noodles that comes with thin sheets of tofu. If ever you’re looking for warm comfort food in Tokyo, try this out. Tsukimi soba is different still! It comes with a raw egg that is said to resemble the moon. No wonder the dish is named so – tsukimi means “moon watching”.

Soba is often served cold, but it can also be served hot. On a cold winter’s night, there can be nothing more comforting than sinking into a couch with a bowl of nanban soba, a type of soba which delights you with clear broth and soupy noodles. To satisfy those summer cravings, try a plate of zaru soba. Its chilled, and served on a tray, with a simple chilled dipping sauce called tsuyu.

There’s much to choose from when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Delight your taste buds with this must-eat in Japan – soba.

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