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Must-eat in Japan – Shoyu Ramen

One sip of ramen is all that is needed to stop eating packaged food and start loving the art of cooking.

Shoyu Ramen is a delicious bowl of ramen noodles in a mixed flavoured broth. This quick and easy dish can be made at home using soy sauce flavoured ramen or shoyu ramen. Shoyu is nothing but one of the several types of ramen, which include Shio (salt), Miso (fermented bean paste) and Tonkotsu (pork) Ramen. Each type of ramen has its own flavour and taste. Shoyuu a.k.a Soy Sauce Ramen is salty, tangy and savoury with slightly curly noodles.

Japan - Shoyu Ramen

Image Courtesy: Daremoshiranai used under the Creative Commons Licence

This marvellous broth soup is known for its rich, soothing fragrance. It is made from a meticulous, flawless combination of about 28 different ingredients, highlighting each flavour in a perfect ratio

Japanese soy sauce, a popular ramen seasoning, has its origin in Yokohama. Traditionally, it’s paired with clear to brown chicken, seafood, and sometimes with pork or beef-based broths. Only in the recent past are they being used in ramen. Creamy tonkotsu pork broths flavoured with shoyu are mostly eaten.

The broth of this dish is a combination of a chicken stock and a shoyu base. Attention should be given to the toppings, especially pork. It should be slowly simmered in water before carefully transferring to its own decadent braising liquid spiked with soy sauce, star anise, cinnamon and ginger.

Shoyu Ramen

Image Courtesy: spablab used under the Creative Commons Licence

This dish tastes best when prepared, cooked and served over a span of 2 days. A typical shoyu ramen would contain chicken necks and backs, pork belly and ribs, a large leek (halved lengthwise), thinly sliced ginger, garlic cloves, shoyu or soy sauce, seasoning, ramen egg (also known as Hanjuku Egg, Nitamago, Ajitsuke Tamago), sliced scallions, nori (dried seaweed), rice vinegar and Japanese Togarashi.

The ramen should be added to hot steaming broth and served immediately. Shoyu Ramen is loved by all and can be enjoyed over a family dinner or on a cold, winter morning.

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