Must-eat in Japan – Gyudon

This delicacy literally means beef bowl. It’s a kind of Japanese fast food that’s relished by locals and tourists throughout the country.

Consisting of white rice in a bowl, this dish is delicious to the last spoonful, as is topped by beef and onion with a sweet sauce. There are several restaurants in Japan which stay open till late in the night, for there is no end to the number of customers who queue up for a late-night bowl of Gyudon.

Must-eat in Japan - Gyudon

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Many chefs sometimes serve this dish with shirataki noodles, topped with a raw egg or a soft egg. It is also served with pickled ginger, chilli peppers, and a small bowl of miso soup.

Inexpensive, Gyudon is a favourite in Japan. It is whipped up fast by chefs and street vendors alike, and is great as a winter snack. Its savoury flavours are delightful, as it its ability to fill the stomach when one is hungry after a day’s travels. Keep in mind this must-eat in Japan – Gyudon – the next time you’re out traversing the streets of Japan.

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