Must-eat in Hong Kong – Roast Goose

Hong Kong is famous for a lot of things – its ability to redefine grandeur in architecture, its fabulous alleys lined with shopping centres and its marvellous food culture, of course.

Must-eat in hong Kong - Roast Goose

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It’s not just Hong Kong’s expansive skyline that grabs eyeballs and impresses visitors. It’s also its mouth-watering cuisine. Hong Kong’s Roast Goose has a golden reputation. There are several thousand roadside stalls in the colony that sell roast goose, not to mention glitzy restaurants that plate it up in style.

But no matter where you eat it, roast goose in Hong Kong is bound to thrill your taste buds. The dish is far more succulent than a roast duck, as it’s meatier, with a sizzling, crispy skin that’s fried to perfection.

Roast goose often comes with a side of braised sauce or soy sauce, and these condiments enhance the dish tenfold. The savoury flavours of the sauces complement the goose greatly, and round off your meal in the best way. Some restaurants also serve up a bowl of braised peanuts with this dish, to add a special touch.

It would be a crime not to relish a plate of this Cantonese-style dish that simply crackles with authentic Asian flavour. When you’re weary after a day of exploring, sit down to a plate of this must-eat in Hong Kong – Roast Goose.

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