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Must-eat in China – Schezuan Spicy Fish Stew

When in China, eat as the Chinese eat.  There are several hundred recipes just waiting or you to sample them. Chinese cuisine plates up the best of the best, and one among these dishes is the Chinese Schezuan Spicy Fish Stew.

schezuan spicy fish stew
Image Courtesy: Alan C used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Chinese love their fish. They believe it to be a symbol of good luck and fortune. It is no surprise, then, that fish are served in a variety of forms in most restaurants. Braised, roasted, even minced fish, are all specialties of the Sichuan province. But the dish that is most preferred in the spicy fish stew.

The Chinese schezuan spicy fish stew is a local delicacy that you simply must sample. This water-cooked fish delicacy includes slices of delicious fish poached in a gentle broth. Flavouring the fish is some authentic chilli bean sauce, coupled with dried chillies and Sichuan peppercorns. Mixed with fresh vegetables such as celery, cabbage and onions, the dish’s consistency makes it a perfect choice on wintry nights.

Some variations of this dish include mushrooms and noodles. The noodles adds to the authenticity of this must-eat Chinese dish, while the mushrooms just add to the exotic flavour. Dipped in hot, steaming sauce, and served with a bowl of white rice, this delicacy will keep you coming back for seconds.

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