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Must eat in China – Cold Noodles

When you think China, you think immediately of the Great Wall, of panda bears, of a large bowl of delectable noodles. Noodles in Chinese cuisine is as important as sushi in Japanese cuisine. It is the Chinese people’s staple food, and is consumed in a variety of forms.

While the traditional schezuan noodles is certainly delicious, there are several other dishes in China that are both aromatic and flavoursome. The next time you’re in the country, dig into a bowl of this Chinese specialty, Liangpi, otherwise known as ‘cold noodles‘.

must eat in china - Cold Noodles
Image Courtesy: namealus used under the Creative Commons Licence

The best thing about Liangpi is that it is dunked in an authentic Chinese sauce that is everything at once – sweet, tangy, sour, spicy, sour, herbal, and if there were any other flavour, that too. The dish is made of wheat or rice flour, and is quite healthy, so nutrition is not something you should be worrying about when you’re out on the streets of Shanghai, slurping Liangpi with much enthusiasm.

Chinese Cold Noodles
Image Courtesy: Jonathan E. Shaw used under the Creative Commons Licence

Next time you’re out traversing the streets of China, hunt down a street vendor who serves Liangpi. This variety of noodles should be available pretty  much anywhere in the country, but if you find a restaurant or vendor who plates it up with chilli sauce or mashed garlic sauce, rest assured that’s where you’ll find culinary perfection!

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