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Must – eat in China – Chow Fun

The term Chow Fun is derived from the word ‘Chow’, which refers to a Chinese cooking method. ‘Fun’ is a type of Chinese noodle made of rice.

Chow fun is stir-fried rice noodles with meat and vegetables. It is versatile in the sense that it can be served as an appetiser, or eaten as a meal. It is most commonly seen in the cuisine of Southern China and Hong Kong, though it also appears in some regions of both Malaysia and Singapore.

Chow Fun

Image Courtesy: Kyle Nishioka used under the Creative Commons Licence

Chow fun noodles have their own distinct character. The noodles are made from ground rice, and are typically sold dry, either in thick strips or in sheets. Fresh markets may also sell the noodles wet, usually coated in oil to help them maintain their elasticity.

Chow fun is rarely considered a health food, even when made with plenty of vegetables. It is typically known for its greasy, oily texture, and the thick sauces, which is what makes this dish enormously tasty.

In southern China, where the dish originates, noodle stalls and roadside food stands are popular places to find the ‘fun’ preparation, with each vendor offering a slightly different twist. Sometimes, the distinction comes through the sauce or the additions; other times, the distinction lies in the cooking style.

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