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Must-drink in China – Herbal Tea

The Chinese love their tea. The tea-drinking culture has stayed strong and popular in this Asian country, with a legend that dates back to centuries before.

There are various types of Chinese teas. Green tea, oolong tea and white tea are by far the most popular today. Elaborate ceremonies are held often, with guests being treated to some of the most exquisite brands of tea available.

Chinese Herbal Tea
Image Courtesy: Antonio Foncubierta used under the Creative Commons Licence

One of the most popular teas in China is herbal tea, a type of tea with the most enticing aroma. With a colour that varies from white to brown to black, this type of tea is made of traditional medicinal herbs that create a soothing effect in your throat.

Chinese herbal tea normally has a slightly pungent, bitter taste, but many chefs across Asia have added their own twists by making it a little sweeter which allows everyone to enjoy the tea. Many restaurants serve herbal tea along with rice cakes and chicken dumplings, as these dishes compliment the taste of this tea perfectly.

Herbal Tea
Image Courtesy: Rishabh Mathur used under the Creative Commons Licence

Herbal tea has a few cultural ties to China. The ancient Chinese believed that the consumption of this tea would help bring about balance between humankind and nature. Today, traditional tea shops dot China’s landscape. These are primarily family-run businesses which have stood the test of time. They are nice places in which to sit down after a long day of travelling and sight-seeing.

So, next time you’re in China, take a break from your tour, take a seat outside a small tea shop, and make a simple yet satisfying experience out of sipping a cup of steaming hot herbal tea.

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