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Moon Festival Must – Eat – Piglet Biscuits

One of the interesting things about Moon festival is the Piglet biscuits that are a major attraction for the kids.

In ancient times these little piglet biscuits were given to children during the Moon Festival since Piglets represent abundance in the Chinese culture. It is believed that piglets symbolise abundance in harvest, peace and prosperity. Yet another belief about the piglets is that in the olden days when a man and a woman committed adultery they would be drowned in piglet cages.

These biscuits are well-known and are common mascots of the mooncakes. Piglet biscuits have have a nice and crunchy crust have a beautiful outline of a roasted pig.

Moon Festival Must-Eat - Piglet Biscuits

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Piglet biscuits are made out of the remaining dough of the mooncakes. These adorable biscuit piglets have dark beans for eyes and are sold in colourful cages and bags. This kind of packaging goes way back to the times when the pigs were transported around in bamboo cages.

These piglet biscuits usually do not have any fillings in them and are seldom coloured. Their crust is golden brown and the taste is sweet. They are especially an attraction to the kids and different moulds are used while making them. Some moulds have the piglets standing and some have the piglets seated. This is another fun activity to do with your kids. While making mooncakes spare some extra dough to make a few piglets and let your kids enjoy this activity while you make the mooncakes.

You can let your kids colour the piglets and adorn them if they wish to do so. Or you could get them colourful ribbons to tie around the piglets neck and help them make colourful baskets to place the piglets in.

Enjoy this activity with your kids this moon festival and let the smile beam on your kids face just like the moon.

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