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Meals on Wheels: Cool Asian Food Trucks Around Australia

Hit the road in search of some of the most exciting Asian food trucks around Australia. These colourful, mobile canteens are serving everything from Vietnamese banh mi to Korean bibimbap – and tracking down their current location is half the fun!

Mama Linh’s Vietnamese Street Food, Sydney

Keep an eye out for Mama Linh’s bright red truck on the streets of the Sydney CBD, dishing up crunchy banh mi filled with spiced chicken, pulled pork or pho-flavoured beef, plus lashings of fresh herbs and zesty slaw.


Image courtesy: Zomato

Tsuru Food Truck, Sydney

Track down the Tsuru black and red van for tempting modern Asian fare, such as pillowy bau filled with crisp-skinned pork belly, soft-shell crab sliders, roastduck pancakes, or the salted palm sugar ice cream buns.


Image courtesy: Journey From Within

Bibimbap Korean Food Truck, Melbourne

This sunflower-yellow retro caravan has found a permanent nook for now, in Punch Lane, Melbourne. Pay a visit to Bibimbap for bowls of the namesake Korean dish: rice topped with your choice of bulgogi beef, teriyaki chicken or seasoned tofu, with chilli garlic or lemon soy sauce.

bibimbap food truck

Image courtesy: Bibimbap Official Facebook Page

Nem N Nem Vietnamese Hawker Kitchen, Melbourne

Vietamese nem (spring rolls) are the stars of the show at Nem N Nem, a popular food trailer in Melbourne. Along with golden fried nem, try vermicelli noodle bowls and banh mi sliders.


Image Courtesy: Zomato

Saigon Soulfood Vietamese Food Truck, Perth

The classic banh mi gets a modern makeover in the pint-sized kitchen of Saigon Soulfood. Inventive fillings include twice-cooked pork in a cola and bourbon glaze, or flame-grilled chicken in a secret Vietnamese marinade.

Miss Chow’s Dumplings, Perth

For dumplings on the run, seek out the Miss Chow’s vintage van in Perth, serving piping-hot pork pans and pan-fried dumplings.


Image courtesy: Zomato

Phat Buddha Rolls Mobile Food Truck, Adelaide

You won’t miss this rainbow-hued food truck on the streets of Adelaide. Phat Buddha Rolls offers a Cambodian twist on the Vietnamese banh mi, packed with lemongrass beef, plus other Cambodian favourites such as fish amok and vermicelli salad.

phat buddha

Image courtesy: Phat Buddha Facebook Page

The Bun Mobile, Brisbane

In Queensland, stalk The Bun Mobile for handcrafted steamed buns, with a choice of three fillings, perhaps twice-cooked pork with hoisin sauce, wagyu beef with red dragon sauce, or teriyaki chicken with Japanese mayonnaise.


Image courtesy: Zomato

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