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Markets in Victoria, Australia

The rich Australian culture has made room for a variety of different communities of people. With such a vast diverse population, the existence of so many markets is inevitable.

Here’s a sneak peek into 5 unique markets in Victoria, Australia.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Markets in Victoria - Australia

Image Courtesy: Graham Miln used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Queen Victoria Market, also known as the Queen Vic Markets or the Queen Vic or the Vic Market is a large open air market. A wide variety of meat, fish, bakery, fruit and vegetable vendor’s stalls and general merchandise is spread over more than 1000 stalls, most of them set up outdoors under tin roofs with iron gables. Here you can find fresh Asian ingredients such as bean shoots, Wombok, Bok Choy and even mushrooms like Shiitake and Shimeji. The market has a separate meat hall and a delicatessen area renowned for Greek, Italian and Polish food. Sunday’s special is the wine market. Cafes and restaurants pop up around the market.

Collingwood Farmers Market

Collingwood Farmers Market in Victoria - Australia

Image Courtesy: Peter Renshaw used under the Creative Commons Licence

Voted Australia’s Outstanding Farmers’ Market in 2010 delicious magazine national Produce Award, this market is unquestionably one of the most popular in the country. The Market goodies include Delicious leisurely breakfast, lunch, coffee, pancakes, fruit juices, farm fresh and organic seasonal fruit, vegetables, seedlings, herbs, juices, breads, olive oil, free range eggs, meats, smoked fish, homemade condiments, flowers, artisan cheeses and more.

Veg Out St Kilda Farmers’ Market

Veg Out St Kilda Farmers Market Victoria -Australia

Image Courtesy: Kyle Horner used under the Creative Commons Licence

Veg Out Community Gardens which began in 1998 on the site of the abandoned St Kilda bowling club is a non-profit, voluntary group comprising local residents and community organizations who share the site made up of 150 garden plots. At the Farmers’ Market one can find organic and low impact vegetables, herbs, juices, cheeses, honey, wine, smoked meat and fish, free range eggs and more (all sold directly by the grower/producer). There’s an abundance of fresh, seasonal fruit and veggies, and also free range chickens, eggs and other meats will make your Asian master piece taste even better.

South Melbourne Market

South Melbourne Market

Image Courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence

This is one of Australia’s oldest markets, operating in Melbourne since 1867. It has over 133 businesses operating in the market and featuring a huge variety of fresh food, clothing, gifts and services. The entry is free. The produce available include leafy greens, fresh food, fruit, veggies and groceries, footwear, clothing and accessories.

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