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Malaysian-Chinese Fusion Dishes

The Malaysian-Chinese Fusion Cuisine is predominantly based on Chinese Cuisine while borrowing some spices from traditional Malaysian cuisine. Here are four Malaysian-Chinese fusion dishes that Chinese cuisine can relate to.

1. Hainan Chicken Rice

Despite its name, this dish doesn’t originate from the Hainan Province of China but, was invented by Hainanese immigrants to Malaysia and Singapore. It is a meal consisting of flavoured rice, soup and chicken pieces. The chilli sauce is prepared with sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce and chopped garlic cloves to attain a balanced flavour. Additionally, the dish can be accompanied with a variety of chicken innards such as intestines, gizzard and liver. Hainan chicken rice is a filling and healthy meal.

Hainan Chicken rice

Photo Courtesy of Google Free Images

2. Chilli Crab

While the hairy crab is famous in China, Chilli crab is a sensuous, sweet savoury seafood dish popular in Malaysia. Green mud crabs are commonly used in this preparation, but other species of crabs such as the flower or blue crabs can also be used. They are usually stir-fried in a semi-thick, tomato/chilli sauce. The secret to the flavour of this dish lies in its paste, which includes a handful of garlic cloves and a spoon of bean paste making the chili crab a fresh, simple, mouth-watering, sticky, finger-licking dish. Ironically, the dish isn’t as spicy as its name suggests.

Chilli Crab

Photo courtesy of Jonas Lamis under Creative Commons license 

3. Bakuteh (Pork bone soup)

Bakuteh is a Chinese Soup which literally translates to mean bone tea. It is a simple dish cooked in a rich, savoury, fragrant, herbal broth. The meaty pork ribs are simmered in a broth made from a variety of herbs and spices (which include cloves, star anise, garlic, cinnamon, fennel seeds and Dang Gui). A meal of Bakuteh is generally served with Chinese donuts or eaten with rice/noodles. It is a popular breakfast dish because it has the right balance of protein, starch and vitamins. Relish the Malaysian delight with this recipe for pork belly stewed in Bakuteh.

bak kut teh

Photo Courtesy of Alpha under Creative Commons License

4. Tomato Crispy Mee (Kuching Noodles)

This dish is a popular dish hailing from Kuching in the state of Sarawak. Tomato Noodles is the perfect combination of tang and sweet, in a thick, red gravy of minced meat and vegetables served with crispy noodles or fried Kueh Tiaw. The toppings usually vary with taste, but the most preferred variations include seafood (prawns, squid and fish cake), vegetables (Choy Sum, carrot and cabbage), and meat (pork or chicken).

Mee Kuching

Photo Courtesy of Colin Charles under Creative Commons License

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