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Mabul Island

Mabul is a little island off the south-eastern shoreline of Sabah in Malaysia. The island has been an angling town since the 1970s. It first got to be prominent among divers because of its nearness to the diving heaven Sipadan island, in the 1990s.

Mabul Island Malaysia
Image Courtesy: neonmusic used under the Creative Commons Licence

Located 15 km from Sipadan, this 20-hectare island surfaces 2–3 metres above ocean level, with level grounds for most parts and an ethereal perspective. Surrounding it, are sandy shorelines, rooted on the north-west corner of a bigger 2-square kilometre reef.  The reef is on the edge of the mainland rack and the seabed encompassing the reef slants out to 25 to 30 metres.

Flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, impersonate octopus and bobtail squids are simply a couple of the various sorts of cephalopods to be found on Mabul’s reef.

Numerous sorts of gobies can be discovered in the waters, including the spike-balance goby, the dark sail-blade goby and the metallic shrimp goby. Different types of frogfish are all over the place – giant, painted and jokester frogfish are consistently seen along with the entire scorpion fish family.

There are six resorts here for scuba divers. There are additionally a few explorer housing facilities where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some delicious dishes from Malaysian cuisine. You can reach Mabul island via air to Tawau Airport, the closest airplane terminal to Mabul. From Kota Kinabalu it takes 55 minutes. From Kuala Lumpur it takes 2 and a half hours to get to Tawau, and then you then need to take a taxi or minivan from Tawau air terminal to Semporna and from the breakwater take a vessel to Mabul.

Journeying to Mabul Island can be a wonderful travel experience indeed. Be sure to head there to enjoy the sights and soak up some exotic Asian culture.

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