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Lembeh Straits

Off the northern tip of Sulawesi, Lembeh Straits is 1.5 hours from the core of Manado city in Indonesia. It offers a brilliant panorama, including some beautiful coral reefs and rustically charming wrecks.

Lembeh Straits

Image Courtesy: Nazir Amin used under the Creative Commons Licence

There are many diving places in Lembeh Straits. If you’re a diving enthusiast, hesitate no further, because when you’re underwater in Lembeh, you get to behold one bizarre sight after the other. the night dives, in particular, are a real treat in Lembeh. Dark encounters with the marine life that exists here is something to experience in a lifetime.

There are at least 30 sites to choose from, including wrecks and traditional reefs. These are just a boat ride across the calm, crystal-clear waters. The wrecks and reefs are not too far from the dive resorts, so, a relaxing evening of traditional drinks and sumptuous Indonesian food can follow a day of enjoyable sightseeing.

Lembeh Straits are also a photographer’s delight. There could no better place on the planet to see critters such as the mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, harlequin shrimps, skeleton shrimps and innumerable nudibranchs.

All in all, the Lembeh Straits are an absolutely wonderful sight. Add them to your must-visit list, and get ready to pack your bags.

bunaken - Lembeh Straits

Image Courtesy: Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud H used under the Creative Commons Licence

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