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Langkawi Skywalk – The World At Your Feet

A short flight from Kuala Lampur or a quick route by sea will take you to the breath-taking islands of Langkawi. A cluster of 99 islands, they are 30 kilometres away from the mainland of Malaysia.  The turquoise blue sea and the forest covered hills are sure to leave you spellbound.

Apart from the scenic beaches and the green cover, the island also houses the world’s longest curve suspension bridge – the Langkawi skywalk.

Langkawi Skybridge


Langkawi skybridge

Image Courtesy: Steve Calcott used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is located at the ‘end’ of the Cable Car ride. The bridge deck is 2,170 feet above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang. The bridge is 410 feet-long and offers a stunning view of the mountains and the Andaman sea.

The Sky Bridge is easily accessible by a cable car. The journey to the top starts at the Oriental Village in the upper northwest of Langkawi Island, near Pantai Kok. Once the cable car gets going one can feel the temperatures drop.

The bridge runs across the valley between the mountain tops of Mat Cinchan. With a maximum capacity of 250 people at one time, the curve in the skywalk adds an element of adventure to the experience.

The sky bridge which is part of the master plan of Mount Mat Cincang Geo Park, is a curved suspended bridge made of steel that hangs at an altitude of about 700 meters from the sea level and supported by a single pylon in the middle.

The view atop the Sky Bridge

From the cable car you get a panoramic and a spectacular view of the mountains, rain forests, deep valleys, and the islands of Andaman Sea. Once at the top station, there is an approach way and a long steep flight of stairs leading to the bridge.

It is considered amongst the longest curved pedestrian bridges in the world and on a clear day the views are much brighter and a feast for the eyes.

There are two triangular platforms at two ends of the bridge, which are wider and serve as resting and viewing areas for the tourists. The curved shape of the bridge provides a unique perspective of the surroundings and connects Mt. Mat Cincang with a neighboring mountain.

If you are wondering about the safety of the bridge, it is quite safe since it has two solid steel railings on two sides as well as steel wire mesh below.

Considered as an engineering marvel the bridge has been constructed taking into account several factors like balancing from the top of a single pylon, the optimal load and distribution throughout the bridge.

Langkawi skywalk

Image Courtesy:Jim Boud used under the Creative Commons Licence

Activities at the mountain peak

Once at the top, you can take that much awaited walk to the other end of the mountain on the skywalk.

Apart from the thrilling experience on the skywalk, one can also revel in nature’s beauty at the observatory deck, where you can buy souvenirs, toys, snacks and drinks from the nearby shops. The skywalk is also a favourite spot for photographs to capture nature in its purest and untouched form.

The skywalk is open from 10AM to 8PM. However, it is advisable to check beforehand as the bridge is sometimes out of bounds for service issues.

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