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Kusu Island

Lounge in the blue lagoons, unblemished shorelines and quiet settings of Kusu Island, located only 5.6 km from Singapore.

From two little outcrops on a reef, the island has amplified and changed into a 8.5-hectare occasion resort. Kusu Island means Tortoise Island in Chinese. It acquired its name following the legend of a mysterious tortoise that transformed itself into an island to save two wrecked mariners. It is otherwise called Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul in Malay.

Kusu Island

Image Courtesy: TZA used under the Creative Commons Licence

The island has a bit of Asian history behind it, making an even more interesting tourist experience.

Every year on the ninth lunar month, a large number of tourists flock to the Kusu Pilgrimage praying for well-being, peace, satisfaction and good fortunes. The famous Chinese sanctuary, Da Bo Gong, constructed in 1923, houses two principal gods: Da Bo Gong and Guan Yin. The former is believed to possess the ability to cure sickness, cool the ocean and turn away risk, while Guan Yin is known as the ‘provider of children’, making it a revered temple for childless couples.

On top of the hillock, stand three holy places to Malay Saints, or Kramats, constructed to remember the nineteenth century devout man, Syed Abdul Rahman, his mother Nenek Ghalib and his sister Puteri Fatimah. Numerous fans climb the 152 steep steps to appeal to God for riches, great marriage, well-being and happiness.

Visit the Tortoise Sanctuary, or make a journey to one of the island’s many breathtaking spots. But be sure to finish your expedition in a day as overnight stays are not allowed on little island.

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