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Korean Fried Chicken – Must-eat in Korea

Fried chicken is popular around the world, no matter your age. You can eat it deep-fried, enjoy it in a broth and even mix it up with some ramen noodles. But here’s a version that’s absolutely to die for.

Korean fried chicken
Image courtesy: Elsa Brunel used under the Creative Commons Licence 


Korean fried chicken or Chimaek is a popular snack that accompanies beer in Korea. In fact, Chi is the abbreviation for chicken and Maek is short for Maekju, which is beer. The secret to Chimaek’s uniquely crispy skin is its batter, which is coated with corn starch flour.

In addition to this, Korean fried chicken is a burst of Asian flavours. Marinated in spices, sugar and salt, this dish oozes lip-smacking goodness. The coating of a Korean fried chicken is described as “thin, crackly and almost transparent”, making it a mouth-watering affair. Most Korean restaurants serve small or medium-sized chickens because they offer more meat which is often tender and tastier.

Korean Fried Chicken - Must-eat in Korea

Image courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence 

Another unique point about Korean fried chicken is that you can also opt for the chicken to be stir fried in sauce after the deep frying. This leaves the chicken coated in delicious sweet chilli, spicy chilli or sweet soy sauce.

Korean fried chicken goes great with pickled radishes and soju, too. So, the next time you’re travelling, be sure to dive into this must-eat in Korea – Korean fried chicken.

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