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Iron Chef All Stars – Meet The Chefs

480 charitable diners will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience at the Sydney Opera House this week at the Iron Chef All Stars charity dinner. The course served at the event will be prepared by the original Iron Chef Chinese, French, Italian and Japanese.

This is the first time the four legendary chefs have gathered together on stage since the TV series ended in 1997. They will be joined by 2-star Michelin chef Kentaro Chen, and Asia’s Top Pastry Chef, Janice Wong, who will be bringing their own unique creations to the menu.


As the chefs are preparing to cook up a storm this weekend, take a trip down memory lane with the original quartet, and learn more about the two current-day legends of Asian cuisine who will be joining the Iron Chefs to deliver the ultimate dining experience.

Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba

Born on 3 January 1931, Rokusaburo Michiba was the first Japanese cuisine chef on the Iron Chef TV series. He was present from the show’s inception in 1993 until his retirement in 1996. He is known for his elegant Japanese creations and keen balance of flavours and textures.

Chef Japanese Michiba

Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai

Best known for his role as the Iron Chef French, Hiroyuki Sakai began his cooking career at the age of 17, working in Osaka, Australia, and Tokyo. His culinary creations on the program were regarded as the ‘Delacroix of French cuisine’ praised for their finesse and avant-garde presentations.

Chef Hiroyuki Sakai

Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi

Nicknamed ‘The Szechuan Sage’, Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kinichi was born in Tokyo on 5 January 1956 to an ethnic Han Chinese father of Japanese nationality and a Japanese mother. His colourful creations showcased the regional cuisines of China, particularly the vibrant flavours of the Sichuan province.

Chef Kenichi

Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe

Wearing the red, white, and green colours of the Italian flag, Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe first entered Kitchen Stadium four years after the program began, following a four-year stint in Italy. After honing his skills abroad, the chef wowed guests with his cooking prowess, which combined the bold flavours of Italy with the refinement of Japanse cuisine.

Chef Masahiko Kobe

2-Star Michelin Chef Chen Kentaro

Chinese cuisine runs through the veins of Chef Chen Kentaro. He is the grandson of Chen Kenmin, known as the ‘Father of Szechuan cuisine’ in Japan, and the son of Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi. Having studied in Chengdu, Sichuan, this 2-Star Michelin chef opened the first overseas Shisen Hanten restaurant, which is located in Singapore.

Chef Kentaro Chen

Asia’s No. 1 Pastry Chef Janice Wong

Singapore’s sweet success story, Chef Janice Wong has been named Asia’s No. 1 Pastry Chef. The native Singaporean holds a degree in economics, but she switched spreadsheets for sugar during a global culinary tour that saw her work with lumiaries such as Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Pierre Herme and Oriol Balaguer. She now has dessert bars in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Chef Janice Wong

Joining these six illustrious chefs will be four culinary advisors, including Melbourne-based Chef Ikuei Arakane (Kinsan), who is known for modern Japanese creations during his time at Taxi Dining Room; Executive Chef Hal Yamashita, master of Nouvelle Japanese cuisine; Iron Chef Australia Mark Normoyle, Executive Chef of RACV City Club; and Executive Chef Ryo Kitahara, who creates modern Japanese fare in Melbourne.

Proceeds from the dinner will go towards Opportunity International Australia, to help alleviate poverty in Asia.

For more on this once-in-a-lifetime event, visit ironchefallstars.com

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