Insider’s Guide To Melbourne’s Best Korean Restaurants

The Korean food scene in Australia continues to explode, with new Korean restaurants and Korean food stores opening every month. To get the lowdown on Melbourne’s Korean restaurants, we asked the Asian Inspirations team to share their favourite restaurants for Korean barbecue, Korean fried chicken and Korean jjigae stews.

Korean barbecue in Melbourne

“When I go out for Korean barbecue in Melbourne, ChangGo is my go-to as they are very generous with portions and they give you a lot of banchan (side dishes). They also have the unique seven-flavour pork belly set, which allows you to try different pork marinades such as ginseng, doengjang, gochujang, wine and various others.”
ChangGo, 70 Little La Trobe St, Melbourne

Steamed egg - 5 Essential Korean Side Dishes (Banchan)

Korean fried chicken in Melbourne

“Personally, I used to really enjoy Gami Chicken & Beer, but this was before they rebranded and they got rid of the beer kegs… We all know Korean fried chicken goes best with beer! Recently I have really liked the boneless fried chicken at By Korea. They’re also a great all-round Korean restaurant.”
Gami Chicken & Beer, various locations in Melbourne and Perth
By Korea, 1/222 La Trobe St, Melbourne
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Korean jjigae in Melbourne

“I think so far Darac on A’Beckett Street do the best jjigae (Korean stews). They’re the most authentic.”
Darac, 51 A’Beckett St, Melbourne

Soonduboo Jjigae

Korean groceries in Melbourne

“These days, Korean grocery stores are quite easy to find in the Melbourne CBD, Clayton, Carneige and Glen Waverley.”

For more Korean inspiration, try three easy recipes using one Korean sauce, or discover five of the best Korean snacks. Plus, don’t forget to enter Cook, Snap & Win by February 26 for your chance to share in fantastic prizes. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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