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How to Make Mugicha – Japanese Summer Tea in 2 Simple Steps

The sun is out and its time to make something that keeps your body and mind cool as ever. As we line up some of the best and easy summer coolers we also have a Japanese specialty that is awaiting to be made. Yes, we are talking about the coolest tea you could ever make- Japanese Mugicha!

In fact, Japanese summer teas are a specialty in Australia.

How to make Japanese Summer Tea - Mugicha

Image Courtesy: katsuuu 44 used under the Creative Commons Licence 

About Mugicha

Mugicha (Mugi- barley, Cha- tea) is a Japanese summer tea (usually cold) made from roasted barely.  It has a very fragrant taste due to the process of roasting ( which is similar to coffee).  Mugicha does not contain caffeine and has been a popular drink in Japan since ages.

Barley is known to have several anti-oxidants and is extremely helpful when consumed during summer as it helps in cooling the body and also cures mouth ulcers.

It is also very relaxing and improves sleep patterns for insomniacs. You can have Mughicha even while you are munching on snacks or light lunch. 

how to make mugicha a Japanese Summer tea


Image Courtesy: Ryosuke Hosoi used under the Creative Commons Licence 

Here’s how you make Mugicha in 2 simple steps:

What you need:

Water- 1 liter ( 4 cups)
Mugicha tea bags- 1

How to make Mugicha

1. Fill a container with water and dip the tea bags in it.(Boil it if you want hot Mugicha)*

2. Refrigerate for about 2-3 hours and remove the tea bags. Consume chilled.

*You can just dip the bag for about 10 minutes in boiling water and drink while it’s hot.

You can buy Mugicha tea bags in most of the Asian grocery or Japanese/Korean grocery stores. Alternatively, you can find it here as well.

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