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How to make a Chinese lantern in 5 steps

This autumn, you will be mesmerized with the tiny little lanterns dotting the dark blue sky. The yellow flame that dispels darkness is also symbolic of dispelling ignorance and warding off evil in our lives and usher in good luck.

Sky Lanterns or Chinese Lanterns are a magical part of occasions and festivities,  they are an integral part of the Asian culture. This autumn, why not make your own Chinese lantern? If you think it is tough, well, you’re wrong!

Here’s an easy guide to making Chinese lanterns in 5 simple steps:

What you need?

Making a sky lantern needs one letter size or A4 sheet (1 red and 1 gold), thin metal wire, pencil, ruler, scissors and glue.

Here’s how to make a Chinese Lantern in 5 simple steps:

Step 1

Fold the red paper in half, using the pencil and ruler to trace the lines perpendicular to the folded side. Cut through the lines, forming bars in the middle of the lantern. Roll the gold paper lengthwise to form a tube, which makes for the center of the lantern. Secure it with some glue. Open the red paper and match its edges with the edges of the gold tube at one end and secure with glue.

How to make Chinese lanterns in 5 steps

Step 2

Match the other side as well, leaving a part of the golden tube visible and secure with glue.You can use the extra gold strip for the handle, and glue it at both the sides on the top. Your balloon is ready!

How to make Chinese lanterns

Step 3

Take the thin metal wire, and measure the length of the lantern at the bottom. Bend the wire according to the measurement at the bottom. Stick the ring with the rim at the bottom of the balloon.

How to make a Chinese lanterns

Step 4

For the fuel, you need candle wax and paper napkins. Heat the wax in a pan, and then soak the paper napkins into the molten wax and the fuel is ready. Take some wire, weave it and attach it to the fuel, at the center of the balloon’s opening.Keep the balloon vertical, burn the fuel and allow the hot air of the flame to inflate the balloon. Hold the edges of the balloon until the balloon feels lighter.

How to make a Chinese lanterns in 5 steps

Step 5

Leave your lantern slowly into the sky and cherish the enchanting experience in the starry night!

How to make Chinese lanterns in 5 simple steps

Safety tips

– Check the direction of the winds.
– Ensure you have plenty of water in hand, sand or fire extinguisher.
-Keep the launch area free of flammable materials.
-Don’t set them off in dry weather as they can set fire to anything.
-Don’t set them off near buildings and choose wide open spaces.
– Don’t let children light it.

Create your own sky lanterns with ease, and make festivals special, colorful and exciting.

Happy floating!

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