Food truck frenzy

After an initial explosion, food trucks are making a comeback! You’ll find them at community markets, parks and lunch in the city and at major events all over the place. People are even using them to cater their weddings!

We’ve found five of our favourite food trucks serving awesome Asian cuisine for you to adventure out and find. Food always tastes better when there’s a journey involved!

The Little Jeepney

One of the forerunners of the Filipino food wave that’s starting to hit Australia, The Little Jeepney serves up filo favourites like adobo, sisig and egg tarts. You can scope them out on Facebook or email them to find out where they’ll be serving up their fantastic Filo fare next.

Photos by: The Little Jeepney


As the name suggests, this yellow caravan serves up delicious Korean hotpot with a plethora of ingredients. Started by former graphic designer Courtney Kim after a $1000 crowdfunding campaign, Bibimbap offers a delicious – and speedy – lunch or dinner option. Check out their website or hit them up on social media for more details.

Photos by: Bibimbap

Ghost Kitchen

This rad looking food truck serves up Taiwanese fare all over Melbourne. Covered in ghosts reminiscent of 80’s arcade classic Pacman and named for the Chinese tradition of preparing food for those who have passed on, this truck turns out Taiwanese crepes, fried chicken, sausage and gua bao. Check out their website and social media to track down their next location.

Photos by: Ghost Kitchen

Nem N’ Nem

Vietnamese is always a crowd pleaser, and Nem N’ Nem definitely please crowds with their take on Vietnamese street food. Brother and sister team Ken and Kathy have brought their Hanoi heritage with them and pump out delicious banh mi, bun thit nuong and fried chicken. Their website have all the details if you’re feeling like Vietnamese tonight.

Photos by: Nem N’ Nem

The Little Spring Roll Company

Ok, this one is technically cheating as it’s not strictly an Asian food truck, but their handmade spring rolls are to die for! Their Peking duck roll is my personal favourite, but their entire menu is worth a shot. And they cater! Next time you’ve got a big birthday or work event, why not visit their website and get them to sort the food! Check out their website for more details.

Photos by: The Little Spring Roll Company

Got some other great food trucks you’d like to share? Let us know!

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