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Cooking with Linghams: The Authentic Taste of Malaysia

There’s no better way to understand a country’s cuisine than with a hands-on cooking class. On our recent food tour of Malaysia, we were lucky enough to take part in a cookery session with Pearly Kee at Penang Homecooking School.

To recreate those authentic dishes at home, we’ll be reaching for a selection of new pastes from Lingham’s, available in supermarkets nationally.

Pearly cooking school

White Curry

Under Pearly’s watchful eye, we put the new-release Lingham’s Malaysian White Curry Paste through its paces at the Penang Homecooking School, whipping up a simple yet satisfying white curry packed with vegetables, yuba (tofu skin), vermicelli (bean thread noodles) and coconut milk. Now that the curry paste is available in Australia, it will become a dependable midweek dinner, as this one-pot meal is ready in 20 minutes flat.

Kapitan Curry

We created another specialty of Penang is kapitan chicken curry, a complex curry flavoured with lemongrass, chilli, turmeric, galangal and candlenuts. While Pearly crafted the spice paste in her Nutribullet, at home we’ll be reaching for a jar of Lingham’s Malaysian Kapitan Curry Paste for the same authentic flavour, minus the mess.

Kapitan Chicken Curry

Lemongrass Prawns

Another highlight of the cookery course was Pearly’s lip-smacking starter of sambal goreng, a restaurant-quality meal of wok-tossed prawns with a sauce of lemongrass, shrimp paste, cashew nuts and tamarind. Take a shortcut at home by using Lingham’s Malaysian Lemongrass Curry Paste.

White curry


No trip to Penang would be complete without a bowl of curry laksa. Studded with prawns, fish balls and tofu puffs, we devoured this coconut-rich broth for dinner one night, and then breakfast the next morning! To cater to those laksa cravings back home, we’ll be using Lingham’s Malaysian Laksa Curry Paste, which is rich and robust, just like the versions in those Penang hawker markets.


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