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Must-visit in Korea – Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa temple - must-visit in Korea

Image Courtesy: LH Wong used under the Creative Commons Licence

Bulguksa temple is located on the slopes of Mount Toham in Gyeongju, South Korea. It is the representative relic of the Asian country. The intricate, artistic touches given to the architecture of the temple amplifies its beauty.

A World Heritage treasure, Bulgaksa Temple adds so much to your travel experiences. Its complex contains over 40 notable structures. Two entrance pavilions are separated by the Beomyeongnu Bell Pavilion. To its right is Sokgyemun, the largest entrance, which is reached via a two-part stone staircase and arched bridge. The lower set of stairs is called Cheongungyo (Blue Cloud Bridge) while the upper set is the Baegungyo (White Cloud Bridge). The thirty three steps represent the steps to enlightenment.

Bulguksa temple - must-visit in Korea

Image Courtesy: LH Wong used under the Creative Commons Licence

The complex also comprises a series of wooden buildings on raised stone terraces. The grounds of the temple are divided into three areas – Birojeon (the Vairocana Buddha Hall), Daeungjeon (the Hall of Great Enlightenment) and Geungnakjeon (the Hall of Supreme Bliss). These areas were designed to represent the life of Buddha.

The stone bridges, terraces and the two pagodas – Seokgatap (Pagoda of Sakyamuni) and Dabotap (Pagoda of Bountiful Treasures) – facing the Daeungieon attest to the fine masonry work of the Silla.

Although much of Bulguksa temple has been reconstructed over the centuries, the foundation stones still remain. The temple’s main facade is a magnificent 100-metre long wall of granite. Behind the two pagodas and main hall is Bulguksa Temple’s largest building – Museoljeon, or the Hall of No Words. Several other buildings in the Temple’s vast complex protect timeless artwork, priceless paintings and gilt-bronze Buddhas, so if you are planning a visit to Bulguksa temple, be sure to set aside ample time for an evening of exploration and wonderment.

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