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Botanic Gardens – Must-visit in Singapore

Singapore botanic garden

Image Courtesy: Katie Hannan used under the Creative Commons Licence

When you’re visiting Singapore, the Botanic Gardens is one stop you absolutely cannot miss. Singapore’s Botanic Gardens are located in central Singapore, and they date back to a hundred and fifty years. Founded in 1859, the Botanic Gardens stretch across 74 acres of land bringing heaven to earth. The gates open at 5 am, and close only at midnight, allowing kids, corporates, and tourists to visit the place at leisure. This garden, in particular, is not just a landscape of green and colour but also an array of horticulture and botanical attractions that walk you through the estates’ rich heritage.

For a city covered with skyscrapers, the Botanic Gardens literally offer you a breath of fresh air, and add a great deal of joy to your travel experiences. There are a number of mini gardens to visit and admire, and we’ve got a few of them down for you:

National Orchid Garden

A 3 hectare hilly site, housing a collection of 2,000 hybrid orchids and 1,000 species.


A beautiful natural rainforest older than the garden itself, provides a green haven within city.

Evolution Garden

Situated right in the middle of the landscape, this garden takes you through the evolution of plant life on earth.

Ginger Garden

Houses a restaurant amidst a yard full of Zingiberaceae (Plants belonging to the ginger family) with a drop-off point and waterfall.

Botany Center and Tanglin Gate

This building has the Library of Botany and Horticulture, The Singapore herbarium, Orchid Breeding and Micropagation and an education outreach and workshop classrooms. The perfect place for botanical lovers.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

This place is a small cut-out for kids to get away from technology and enjoy Mother Nature. Named after its donor Jacob Ballas, the place has its own visitor café surrounded by a water play area, tree house with slides, a playground and a maze.

These are just a few attractions that can be penned, but to really build true travel experiences, we recommend a trip to the Botanic Gardens the next time you’re in Singapore.

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