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As part of Singapore week here at Asian Inspirations, we’re taking a look at the growing craft beer scene in Asia (specifically Singapore). Beer is found everywhere throughout Asia and is especially popular in the tropical hot boxes in the south-east. To really pique your interest, however, we’ll also throw in some food to pair with the delicious brew you’ve just discovered! Because the only thing better than an ice-cold beer is enjoying it with delectable dishes!

Brewlander and Co.

Brewlander, Singapore Image by: Brewlander and Co.

Founded by some keen homebrewers, Brewlander and Co. have emerged as an exciting new addition to the beer scene in Singapore. Using English and European malts and liquid yeast cultures, the boys at Brewlander produce a summer-ale, a saison (French pale-ale), a wild IPA and a double IPA for those of you who want extra hops.

Food pairing: Their summer-ale goes great with anything spicy, so of course we suggest chilli mud crab!

Crossroads Brewing Company

Crossroads Brewing Co.Image by: Crossroads Brewing Company

Crossroads brewing is the passion project of an amateur rugby player and Canadian ex-pat Jim Kellet. A beer enthusiast, Jim brews his beer in established breweries in Hong Kong and Cambodia before shipping the finished product back to Singapore. Using grains, hops and malts from around the world, Crossroads prides itself on not using preservatives or additives in their beer. Their range includes ales, lagers, IPAs, ciders and even a stout.

Food pairing: Feel like a spicy noodle soup? Crossroads Cascade IPA is perfect with a luxurious laksa!

Hospoda Microbrewery

Hospoda Micro Brewery Image by: Hospoda Microbrewery

The only brewery in Singapore dedicated to brewing Czech style beer, Hospoda opened its doors in 2014 and haven’t looked back. Though they only brew a pilsner and a dark larger, they also sell what they call a Bohemian Mix, which is the pilsner and dark larger mixed together! They assure us it works.

Food pairing: The Bohemian Mix pairs beautifully with richer dishes, like duck or roast pork.

Innocence Brewing

Innocence Brewing Image by: Innocence Brewing

Another ex-pat, this time from Guam of all places, has settled in Singapore and launched a brewery. After a beer odyssey incorporating Australia, the UK, the USA and Europe, Michael Wong released his first commercially ready beer in 2016. These days Innocence pump out a wheat beer, a saison, a ginger beer, a couple of IPAs and even a coffee ale.

Food pairing:
The coffee ale is perfect for any dessert, and the more chocolatey the better! Try it with dessert dumplings or sweet sticky rice.

Little Island Brewing Co.

Little Island Brewing Co. Image by: Little Island Brewing Co.

An award-winning microbrewery on the far east coast of the island, Little Island Brewing Co. produce a range of exciting beers that are a must try when visiting Singapore. Brewmaster Steve Spinney started home-brewing in his native England before settling in Singapore and has used that hard-earned knowledge to produce some truly tantalising liquid treats. You can try a variety of ales in their brewhouse (including a red ale), along with a stout and a lager.

Food pairing:
The Ruby Tuesday red ale just loves seafood, so try it with some cereal prawns.

Rye and Pint Brewing Co.

Rye & Pint BreweryImage by: Rye & Pint Brewery

Brewing started out as a hobby for the Luther, Rufus and Ross, but they soon decided to try it full time in their native Singapore. Producing a number of ales (including a rye) as well as a wheat beer and a pilsner, they’re a great option on a hot day, which you’ll get plenty of!

Food pairing:
The extra spice from the rye in the rye pale makes it the perfect accompaniment for a spicy curry. Perfect if you find yourself in little India.

The 1925 Brewing Co.

The 1925 Brewing Co.Image by: The 1925 Brewing Co.

Succesful family businesses are what Singapore is all about, and The 1925 Brewing Co. is no different. Currently run by brothers Ivan and Eng Kuang and their uncle Yeo King Joey, this delightful microbrewery has some of the best label art going around. Currently selling an IPA, a dark ale, a ginger beer and a honey stout (made with manuka honey no less), their beers are a little different but a whole lot of yum.

Food pairing:
The spicy flavours of their ginger beer suit fresh fish and seafood wonderfully. Try with some steamed whole fish or a spicy fish soup.

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