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Andong Jjimdak – Must-eat in Korea

Must Eat in Korea- Andong Jjimdak

Image Courtesy: Julio Martínez used under the Creative Commons Licence

All you chicken lovers, Jjimdak is the Korean dish you must sink your teeth into.

Braised chicken in Korea is famously known as Jjimdak and the Andong Jjimdak is a popular dish that originated from the city of Andong.

Jjim means steamed or slow – braised in a sauce and Dak means chicken, therefore Jjimdak can also be called Dakjjim, which means Braised Chicken or Chicken Braised with vegetables in English.

Andong chicken is braised in a sweet, savoury, spicy liquid with whole dried red chilli peppers, Cheongyang Gochu (fiery hot green peppers), and chillies to enhance the spice. It’s usually served with starch noodles and plenty of boiled vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, green onions, white mushrooms, and tomatoes to reduce the heat. If you love your meat hot and spicy, make sure you get acquainted with this must-eat in Korea – Andong Jjimdak.

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