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8 Things to Buy in Korea

What souvenirs should you buy on your trip to Korea? Korea is not only famous for kimchi, wine, K-pop and metal chopsticks but it is also famous for its shopping experience. Shopping in Korea is affordable, fun and the variety of products you will find here are endless. Designer brands to street shopping, Korea will never fail to surprise you with the things it has to offer. Here you can find things to buy in Korea.

8 things to buy in Korea

These are the top 8 things to buy in Korea:

1. Korean beauty products

Korean beauty products are a rage in Asia. The most famous products are: water sleeping pack, bb cushion, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, volcanic pore clay mask, face primer, blusher, cute lip-balms and white lower lash liner and Aloe Vera gel.

2. Soju

It is known as the Korean Vodka, the Soju is a National Beverage. Soju is a bitter drink and it comes in a dark green bottle and is definitely for those who love to experiment with their drinks.

Soju - 8 things to buy in Korea

Image Courtesy: Graham Hills used under the Creative Commons Licence

3. Korean Chopsticks

Unlike chopsticks of other Asian countries, Korean chopsticks are made out of metal. In ancient times, The Royal families used chopsticks made out of silver as it tarnishes when in contact with toxic chemicals, this was done so in order to protect the royals from being poisoned. Korean chopsticks are flat from one end, as it is easier to hold food.

Korean Chopsticks - 8 Things to Buy in Korea

 Image Courtesy: Ekke  used under the Creative Commons Licence

4. Hanbok

Their traditional outfit Hanbok is a must-buy. It is a beautiful skirt and shirt worn together beautifully since ancient times. Otherwise also Korean clothes are extremely affordable and inexpensive.Clothes are often trendy and of unique styles. Leather clothes are also very popular.

5. Fancy Socks

Keep yourself warm this winter by wearing these super cute socks. Korean socks come in a large variety of prints, designs and are super fancy and colourful. Prints of actors, cartoons and other caricature is extremely colourful.

Korean socks - 8 things to buy in Korea

Image Courtesy: Chelsea Marie Hicks used under the Creative Commons Licence

6. Inexpensive Gadgets

Korean electronic products are high in quality and quite affordable as the supply is in abundance in Korea. Korean electronics are a great bargain for travellers and are inexpensive and are commonly found across Korea.

7. Korean Snacks

Korean snacks are made in a large variety of shapes and prints,cartoon shapes and colourful confectionary is something you are bound to find in every Korean Bakery. Shrimp snacks, crab cakes, ginger flavoured crackers, chocolate corn are a few must try Korean snacks.

crab cakes - 8 things to buy in Korea

Image Courtesy: Dave Fayram used under the Creative Commons Licence

8. Korean Drama and K-Pop fan Collectibles

Korean drama and K-pop are quickly gaining popularity across the globe. CD’s and DVD’s of these are available across Korea and they are available in various languages. Make sure you check for sub-titles before purchasing any.

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