7 Ways to Celebrate Moon Festival With Your Family

Whether you’re an Asian or not, celebrating the Moon festival has its own perks. Wondering how? We only need an occasion to meet our family and friends over dinner and have some good time and the moon festival is all about that. It symbolises family reunion and wholeness.

It also gives you a deeper perspective into the Chinese culture and why some of the customs are practiced for moon festival.   Its not just the dinner and family reunion there are multiple moon festival activities that lets you explore the best of this festival.

Here are 7 ways to celebrate Moon festival with the Asian communities in Australia:

1. Getting started

Purchase authentic Chinese lanterns, tea leaves (tea has been consumed over the years and is one of the most favoured drink), incense and moon cakes. They mark the beginning of the Moon festival.

2. Prepare moon cakes

Moon cakes are traditional Chinese delicacies filled with sweet fillings (lotus seed paste or red bean paste), that are round or square in shape. Make your own delicious moon cakes with the recipe here.

3. Glow lanterns

Making lanterns at home is fun and gives the festival a personal touch. You can carry them, hold them or float them down the river. Making lanterns just got easy, follow these 5 simple steps to make your own Chinese lantern at home.

Glow lanterns  - 7 Ways to Celebrate Moon Festival With Your Family

Image Courtesy: Kyle Nishioka used  under Creative Commons Licence

 4. Erect an altar

To honor Chang’e and the other deities, create an altar facing the moon and burn incense. This creates an aura of positive energy and also invites good will.

Moon goddess - Celebrate Moon Festival With Your Family

Image Courtesy: John Gillespie used  under Creative Commons Licence

5. Dragon Dance

Dragon dance is the most important activity that takes place during this festival. You can spot huge puppet dragons with captivating performances on the streets. Dragons are considered as a good luck charm and represent wisdom, power and dignity in the Chinese culture.

Dragon Dance - Celebrate Moon Festival

6. Prepare a feast

This festival is made more memorable over the gala dinner gathering of family and friends. Prepare a feast, make your guests happy. Here are some of the traditional moon festival dishes you could try.  Hairy crabduckosmanthus cake and taro. What’s more? each of these dishes have a significance of their own for a reunion dinner.

7. Moon gazing

Spend the rest of your time gazing at the bright full moon, alongside sharing delicacies and stories. Moon gazing is considered as one of the most important activities during the festival. It’s quite an experience to watch the star lit sky and the full moon shining away in all its glory.

The Moon festival is indeed one of the much awaited festivals after the Chinese New Year for the Chinese community. Though people all around the world have different customs to celebrate this special day, they have common wishes and prayers.

used  under Creative Commons Licence

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