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7 Korean Street Food Delicacies We Cant Live Without

Korean street food is not just delicious and flavourful, it is also inexpensive and pocket friendly. Korean street food is popular and easily available in cities in and around Sydney and Melbourne. While there are some crazy, weird, bizarre Korean foods for the brave, there are also some delicacies that are a must try!

Here are 7 Korean Street Food Delicacies We can’t Live Without:


A popular winter dish, Hotteok is a pancake filled with ground peanuts, sesame seeds and caramel. Cinnamon is added for both flavour and aroma. The hot, doughy, crunchy and sweet dish is one of the most relished Korean street food. During summers it is eaten as a dessert.

Hotteok  - 7 Korean Street Food

 Image Courtesy: Republic of Korea used under the Creative Commons Licence

Egg bread

Gyeran-bbang or Egg bread is a simple bread and egg dish. In the special Gyeran-ppang pans, a batter made of all-purpose flour, eggs and sugar is poured. One egg is cracked and topped with toppings of your choice. The pan is then placed in a pre-heated oven and baked for 15 minutes. This hot and filling dish is a popular breakfast option and can be made at home too.

Egg bread - 7 Korean Street Food

 Image Courtesy: travel oriented used under the Creative Commons Licence

Korean Fishcake Soup

Odeng or Korean fishcake soup is a popular Korean street food that is enjoyed in the winter months. Fish cakes are skewed and dipped in a broth made of anchovies. The fish is rich in flavour and the broth is free of cost, which means you can take multiple refills of it.

Fishcake soup - 7 Korean Street Food

 Image Courtesy: travel oriented used under the Creative Commons Licence

Tornado Potato

This twisted, cheesy and spicy potato dish is a relatively new recipe and is a must-have. Potatoes are placed in a machine that cuts them in a twisted shape, which are then skewed, deep fried and dipped in cheese or sprinkled with a mix of spices. Your kids are bound to love it as they are served hot!

Tornado potato - 7 Korean Street Food

 Image Courtesy: Loozrboy used under the Creative Commons Licence

French Fry Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are the Korean version of hotdogs, minus the bread.The dish is highly experimented with, and the most popular version being the French fries corn dog. Sausages are dipped in corn batter filled with French fries and deep fried. The dish is skewed and served hot.


For all you meat lovers, no street food can get meatier than this. Blood sausages or Sundaes are sausages made using cow intestine that are filled with noodle, sweet rice, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and pig blood. The sausages are either steamed or fried.

Sundae - 7 Korean Street Food

Image Courtesy: Ron Dollete used under the Creative Commons Licence

Crunchy Silkworm Pupa

Korean street food is known to be bizarre, and if are ready to try something different then Beondegi or silk worm pupa is just right for you. Yes, you heard it right – Silkworm pupa are boiled or steamed, seasoned and eaten as a snack. with any accompaniments? can make it sound less gross?

Beondegi - 7 Korean Street Food

Image Courtesy: Charles Haynes used under the Creative Commons Licence

It is a great dish to pick up on your way back home after a busy day of work, or to simply enjoy it with your kids on a day at the park.

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