6 Amazing Duck Recipes For A Sizzling Dinner

Who doesn’t love the aroma of duck roasted to crispness at its best.

The crunchy outer layer and the succulent insides of the duck is enough to make you drool.

Duck is considered to be a part of the moon festival celebrations for all the good luck it ushers in. Plus to feast on it on the auspicious night of the Moon Festival is in itself a delight.

Here are 6 amazing duck recipes for a sizzling dinner night:

1. Red curried duck with glass noodle salad:

Enjoy the goodness of succulent duck breasts marinated in spicy hot Thai red curry served with glass noodles.  Click here for the recipe.

Red curried duck with glass noodle salad - duck recipes

2. Peking duck with hoisin sauce:

They say that a visit to Beijing is worthless, if you don’t try this delicacy. Replicate this restaurant dish at home with this recipe. Your guests will be impressed that you made the pastry from scratch! Try this Chinese recipe.

Peking Duck recipe with Hoisin Sauce

3. Braised Duck with Mixed Vegetables

This hearty dish is a delicious way to cook duck for a weeknight dinner. Serve with mixed vegetables to soak up the sauce. Try this Chinese braised duck recipe!


4. Steamed Peking Duck Rolls:

The classic Peking Duck is definitely an Australian favourite. Learn how to prepare it with a twist, with these delicious Chinese steamed rolls! Try this Steamed peking duck rolls recipe.

Steamed Peking Duck Rolls recipe

5. Thai Red Curry Duck:

To all you Thai food lovers out there, this dish is sure to leave you craving for more. What’s more? This quick, easy and delicious roast duck with red curry recipe will keep you warm and satisfied! Try this Thai red curry duck recipe


6. Duck and Ramen Sanbai-zu Salad

A healthy yet delicious three flavour dressing (Sanbai-zu) Salad that consists of golden-brown roasted Duck breasts and Ramen. Try this Japanese Salad Recipe!

Duck and Ramen Sanbai-zu Salad Recipe

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