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5 Spicy Asian Recipes for Cool Autumn Nights

Bring some warmth into your home this autumn with five spicy recipes from across Asia, including a fiery Thai curry, chilli-spiked Korean hot pot and a Malaysian favourite that’s layered with fragrant spices.

Korean clam and tofu hot pot

What could be more warming than a rich Korean soonduboo jjigae hot pot, bubbling with chilli powder, sliced green chilli, seafood and soft tofu?

Soonduboo Jjigae

Thai jungle curry

Without the cooling effects of coconut milk, this traditional Thai jungle curry packs an incendiary punch. Have plenty of plain steamed rice to hand!

Thai jungle curry

Malaysian beef Rendang

Rainy afternoons are perfect for making a batch of Malaysian beef rendang. Layered with spices, coconut and fall-apart meat, this luscious, robust dish is just the ticket for a warming weekend dinner.

Beef Rendang

Indonesian sweet and spicy prawn and eggplant curry

A little sweetness from the kecap manis balances the fiery heat of four bird’s eye chillies in this flavour-packed Indonesian spicy prawn and eggplant curry.

Shrimp Eggplant Sweet and Spicy Curry

Sichuan-style beef in hot chilli soup

When it comes to heat, the people of Sichuan, in southwestern China, really take it to the next level. Turn up the heat to 11 with this simmered beef in hot chilli soup, packed with tingly peppercorns.


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