5 Simple Steps to Make Sarawak Laksa

A treat from the islands of Borneo, Malaysia – the traditional and authentic Sarawak laksa is a noodle soup that is cooked with a difference. Although the ingredients used are very similar to that of other laksa variants, the uniqueness lies in the method of cooking it.

Sarawak laksa - 5 Simple Steps to Make Sarawak Laksa

Image Courtesy: Marufish used under the Creative Commons Licence

Let us dive into a flavourful bowl of Sarawak laksa. It’s five simple steps to make Sarawak Laksa:


Rice vermicelli

Prawns with the head (save the shells for the broth)

Chicken breasts



Coconut milk

Chicken stalk



Sambal belacan paste

Salt and sugar for seasoning

5 simple steps to make Sarawak laksa:

Step 1 – Boil chicken in water till it is well-cooked. Then separate the stock and the chicken. Separate the bones from the chicken meat and shred the chicken into small pieces.

Step 2 – Saute the prawn shells and blitz it with some chicken stock and the chicken bones. Strain the mixture and add it to the remaining chicken stock. Bring it all to a boil.

Step 3 – To the chicken and prawn shell stock add the coconut milk, Sambal Belacan paste, sugar and salt and bring them to a boil.

Step 4 – While the broth is cooking, blanch the rice noodles, prawn and sprouts. Also, make an omelette and cut it into thin strips.

Step 5 – To finish, in a bowl place the cooked rice noodles, shredded chicken, prawns and sprouts. Add the spicy broth and omelette strips. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and chopped chillies.

Sarawak laksa - 5 Simple Steps to Make Sarawak Laksa

Image Courtesy: William Ng used under the Creative Commons Licence


Those were the five steps to making a bowl of heavenly Sarawak laksa right in your kitchen.

Here is another recipe of seafood laksa which you must try.

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