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5 Scenic Mountains in China

China’s landscapes vary across its width. While it is dominated by plains and plateaus, it is also dotted by grasslands and rivers. Southern China is home to small hills and low mountains ranges while Western China is covered with major mountain ranges, most notably the Himalayas. The world’s highest point, Mount Everest, lies on the Sino-Nepalese border.

Some of the mountains and mountain ranges are known for their history and culture while others are mainly tourist attractions known for their scenic views. Here are China’s most scenic mountains:


Top 5 Most Scenic Mountains in China:


1. The Yellow Mountains:

scenic mountains in china

Image Courtesy: David Almeida used under the Creative Commons Licence

Located in Anhui Province in Eastern China, this is a scenic mountain, home to hundreds of peculiar pines and massive rocks. It is said that Huangshan is the place where the Yellow Emperor, the mythical ancestor of the Chinese, refined precious medicines and became a supernatural being. Huangshan’s best feature, however, was said to be its outstanding natural beauty. The Yellow Mountains draw large crowds with the golden glow of the sunrise and sunset beyond the peak.

2. Mount Jiuhua:

scenic mountains in china

Photo courtesy of Royalty-free Google images

Also from Anhui Province, Mount Jiuhua is a holy site where Buddhists assemble. It is a popular summer destination, with its ancient caves, waterfalls, old pines, streams and rustling bamboos. Literally meaning “Nine Glorious Mountains”, Mount Jiuhua is climbed by pious Buddhists who wish to visit ancient temples built inside the mountain.

3. Mount Wutai:

scenic mountains in china

Image Courtesy: llee_wu used under the Creative Commons Licence

This is one of the oldest and most prestigious mountains in Shanxi Province in Northern China. Mount Wutai has an abundance of smaller peaks, rock outcrops, cliffs, caves and ponds. Bubbling springs and spring-fed streams also add to its beauty. There are ancient temples located atop the mountain, some even with pagodas, which make the mountain a great attraction, and add great joy to one’s travel experiences.

4. Mount Tai:

scenic mountains in china

Image Courtesy: Ϲraig and Cathy used under the Creative Commons Licence

Another World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO, Mount Tai is famous for its sacred Taoist mountain which is of great cultural and historical significance. Many ancient Chinese emperors performed mountain worship ceremonies on Mount Tai. Located in Shandong Province in East China, it is also seen as the country’s symbol of peace and prosperity.

5. Mount Putuo:

scenic mountains in china

Image Courtesy: Carsten Ullrich used under the Creative Commons Licence

Displaying the beauty between mountain and sea, Mount Putuo is Zhejiang Province’s pride and joy. There are eye-catching vistas from this mountain, of wonderful seascapes and beaches. Mount Putuo is also home to the most famous Guanyin (a Bodhisattva) temple in all over China.


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