5 Quick and Easy Thai Noodle Recipes For The Weekend

It’s time to add some Asian flair to your menu with some of the best noodle recipes from Thailand.

A fragrant and satiating Asian noodle bowl is all that you want to dig in over the weekend. And with the warmer weather drawing close these noodle bowls are light enough and just right for dinner.

Asian Inspirations brings to you 5 Quick and easy Thai Noodle recipes for the Weekend.

Pad Thai with prawns (Pad Thai Goong)

Crunchy prawns with the goodness of fresh bean sprouts. This authentic Thai noodle recipe combines the popular Pad Thai topped with ground/roasted peanuts. Get the recipe here.

pad thai with prawns - thai quick and easy noodle recipes

Crispy fried noodles

A popular noodle dish from Bangkok, this Thai noodle dish has a tangy flavour with a crunchy texture. It is the Thai version of the Chinese “Chow Mein”. You can find the recipe here.

Crispy Fried Noodles - 5 quick and easy noodle recipe

Speedy Tom Yum Soup

Soups may not be the in-thing in summer, but comfort food is! This quick and easy-to-prepare spicy Thai noodle soup is characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours. Try this authentic Thai recipe.

Speedy Tom Yum Soup - quick and easy thai noodle Recipe

Cellophane noodle salad

This tangy noodle salad is crunchy and refreshing at the same time. What’s more? Its perfect for hot summer days or nights. Try this Thai noodle salad recipe.

Cellophane Noodle Salad Recipe

Thai Drunken Noodles – Pad Kee Mao

Served throughout the world, Thai drunken noodles is one of the most sought after authentic dishes in the Thai cuisine. The fierce combination of hot and spicy noodles with a mug of chilled beer is something that is intangible in words. Get the recipe here.

Thai Drunken Noodles - Pad Kee Mao - quick and easy

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