5 Pro Tips to Make a Perfect Bowl of Ramen

Ramen is the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Making Japanese ramen from the scratch at home can be an arduous task. Well, nobody would ever do that unless they’re a hardcore cooking enthusiast who would love to dabble around with different dishes.

Although, it’s easy to follow the package instructions while cooking ramen, you also need to bear in mind a couple of thumb rules that go a long way in making the perfect bowl of ramen.

Authentic Ramen

Image Courtesy: Young Sok Yun used under the Creative Commons Licence 

Here are 5 pro tips to make a perfect bowl of ramen:

Make your broth flavourful

The key to make the perfect ramen lies in the broth. Add the kombu dashiРthe secret ingredient of Japanese cuisine. This dried seaweed broth will pack a flavour in your ramen and add more element to the dish.

Add some Tare to your ramen

Tare is a mix of flavour agents that will make up the majority of your broth’s flavoring. This will enhance your ramen’s flavour multifold. To start off with it, mix soy sauce, sake, and mirin. Once you master this basic tare recipe, you can experiment with developing your own house version with other ingredients such as rice wine and chicken legs.

Never add salt to the ramen cooking water

Never cook the noodles in salt water. This is to keep the flavour distinct and the broth by itself adds flavour when everything is combined together.

Duck and Ramen Sanbai-zu Salad Recipe

The broth should never be seasoned

This is one of the most important tips to keep the ramen intact. The broth is never seasoned because it is combined with tare when individual bowls of ramen are scooped in. The salt is never added to the broth because the seasoning in the final bowl of ramen comes from one source.

The noodles should be Cooked properly

Remember this like the 10 commandments. The ramen noodles should be just cooked al dente like the Italian pasta. If the noodles aren’t cooked properly they will be chewy, and tough to swallow. If they are over cooked, they become soggy to even slurp or take a bite. Make sure they are cooked just right( pull a string and pierce it with a fork or cut it with a knife, if they cut apart they are completely done).

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miso ramen recipe

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