5 Popular Cold Vegetable Dishes

In China, cold dishes are served on the dining table as appetizers at the very beginning of an elaborate evening spread. Therefore, they are also known as ‘Meeting Dish’ or ‘Welcoming Dish’.

Vegetable dishes are cooked with peanut oil, beans, wheat gluten, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and seaweed. They are characterised by freshness, variety, colourfulness and healthiness.

Cold vegetable dishes are eaten on hot and sticky days, as a healthy way to cool off the heat. Here are a few Chinese dishes for hot summer days, all served cold:

Chinese Salad

Cold Vegetable Dishes - Chinese Salad

Image Courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence

Authentically Chinese, this salad is a bowl full of nutrition. Fruits, meats and herbs coming together to give you a colourful fruit salad with a five-spice and sugar topping is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Szechuan Noodles

Cold Vegetable Dishes - Szechuan Noodles

Image Courtesy: stu_spivack used under the Creative Commons Licence

A quick and easy cold noodle dish that has garnered great popularity all over the world, this is great delicacy from Chinese cuisine to dig into.

Spicy Cucumbers

Cold Vegetable Dishes - Spicy Cucumbers

Image Courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence

Pickled cucumbers are seasoned with red chilli peppers, vinegar, brown sugar and soy sauce to plate up a healthy cold dish.

Seasoned Lotus Root

Cold Vegetable Dishes - Seasoned Lotus root

Image Courtesy: Edsel Little used under the Creative Commons Licence

Crunchy lotus roots are stir fried with fermented black bean paste to prepare this unique dish. The circular shape with round holes of the lotus root help make this a very beautiful dish to behold.

Chinese Jellyfish Salad

chinese jellyfish salad

Image Courtesy: Heather Joan used under the Creative Commons Licence

Preserved jellyfish slices are combined with sesame oil and other tasty seasonings to prepare this unique dish. The soft yet crunchy texture is exquisite to the palate.

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