5 Places That Show You The Best of Korea

Stated as the ‘Rivers and Mountains Embroidered on Silk’ in the ancient Chinese texts, Korea is an unexplored and untouched (by tourism) East Asian country. The country is divided into two individual states – North Korea and South Korea, but both the regions offer great travel escapades.

Korean Demilitarized Zone or DMZ

DMZ is a 250 kilometre long stretch of heavily militarized zone that separates North Korea from South Korea.. This zone is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world and is blocked civilians and tourists.As much as the military deployment makes one weary, this untouched and highly protected stretch of land has helped sustain a natural ecosystem. The DMZ ecology comprises of mountains, plains, endangered species, ancient monuments and many other fascinating sites.

DMZ - 5 Places That Show You The Best of KoreaImage Courtesy: Konrad Karlsson used under the Creative Commons LicencePaekdusan (North Korea)

Paekdusan (North Korea)

The northeastern tip of North Korea Paekdusan, offers the most stunning and breathtaking view. The huge crater lake formed by an extinct volcano also the highest peak of North Korea – Paektu, is an unforgettable experience. The crated Chonji is the deepest and coldest lake in the world.

Paekdusan - 5 Places That Show You The Best of KoreaImage Courtesy: Uri Tours used under the Creative Commons Licence

Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul puts up a perfect show of traditional, historical and modern culture. Be it the world heritage sites such as the Jongmyo shrine, or the iconic N Seoul Tower that houses a food court, or even the bustling streets that offer some of the best street food that the country has. Every minute in this city is a worthwhile experience. Here is a list of the best street foods you must eat when in Seoul.

Seou l- 5 Places That Show You The Best of KoreaImage Courtesy: travel oriented used under the Creative Commons Licence

Busan & Gyeongsangnam-do (South Korea)

Busan & Gyeongsangnam-do are two places that will help you understand Korean culture and history, while the enchanting scenic beauty, mountains and beaches will captivate your mind heart and soul. Be it trekking, hiking, shopping at the world’s largest entertainment complex or island hopping, Busan & Gyeongsangnam-do is one place where you get to do it all.

Busan - 5 Places that show you the best of KoreaImage Courtesy: travel oriented used under the Creative Commons Licence

Jeju-do (South Korea)

Korea is speckled with many scenic islands and Jeju-do is one of the most scenic and enjoyable one. It houses the world’s largest lava tube cave channel and offers both white and black sand beaches. Hikers can also attempt to scale Hallasan, South Koreas highest mountain.

JEJU - 5 Places That Show You The Best of Korea

Image Courtesy: Ha Jeong Jeong used under the Creative Commons Licence

These were the 5 places that show you the best of Korea. Here’s more about the people of Korea


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