5 Must-have Korean Teas This Winter

What’s more comforting than a warm and soothing cup of tea on a blistering cold day? In fact, the legend of tea has it that it is the best companion for good health. Korean tea brews are  infused with various fruits, flowers, roots and leaves and are known for their healthy and medicinal properties. With Korean teas there is always something for anyone.

Here is a list of the 5 must-have Korean teas this winter:

Yuja Cha – Citrus tea

Yuja Cha is a traditional Korean herbal tea made from the Yuzu fruit. The fruit and its rind are thinly sliced and combined with honey or sugar. They are then brewed to make tea and enjoyed hot! This citrusy warm drink is the best way to fight cold ailments.

citrus tea - 5 Must-have Korean Teas This Winter

Image Courtesy: Republic of Korea used under the Creative Commons Licence

Sujung Gwa – Korean Fruit Punch

Sujung Gwa or Sujunggwa is a traditional Korean fruit punch made from dried persimmons, cinnamon and ginger. Cinnamon is known to have anti-oxidants that help lose weight, while ginger aids digestion and the persimmons are rich in Vitamin C.

The cinnamon and ginger are brewed at a slow boil, strained and then boiled again after adding either honey or brown sugar.  This tea has a rich taste of sweetness that is perfect to elevate your senses this winter.

Korean fruit punch - 5 Must-have Korean Teas This Winter

Image Courtesy: Daehyun Park used under the Creative Commons Licence

Boricha – Roasted Barley tea

Boricha or barley tea is made in the simplest way of boiling roasted barley grains in water for about 20 minutes. This slightly sweet and nutty flavoured drink is exactly what you need this winter! You can have it warm during winters and serve it cold during summers. This tea is perfect for any kind of weather.

roasted barley tea - 5 Must-have Korean Teas This Winter

Image Courtesy: T.Tseng used under the Creative Commons Licence

Ggot Cha- Flower Tea

Koreans have mastered the art of brewing tea using flowers. The flowers are dried and preserved in airtight containers. But when brewed the right way one can see the flowers bloom in the cup. The most famous of them all is the Chrysanthemum tea that bursts with many health benefits. The flowers are preserved in honey for close to a month, and then mixed with hot water.

flower tea - 5 Must-have Korean Teas This Winter

Image Courtesy: Republic of Korea used under the Creative Commons Licence

Omija – Fruit Tea

This five flavoured fruit tea promises to take your taste buds on a warm ride. It is made of fruit herbs called omija and has sweet, salty, spicy, sour and bitter flavours. This tea is a unique brew and tastes best with honey. In case you get a little experimental you can also brew it with a few Korean flowers.

Omija - 5 Must-have Korean Teas This Winter

Image Courtesy: Raheel Shahid used under the Creative Commons Licence

Also try the refreshing lemon grass tea. You might also want to check out some interesting Japanese teas.

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