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5 historic places in Malaysia

Malaysia is a land that boasts of a rich cultural heritage with places of historical significance that are spectacular. It reveals the events that influenced the multi-cultural and architectural heritage to a large extent in the country.

Here are 5 historic places in Malaysia that you cannot miss:

Fort Cornwallis

fort cornwallis - historic places in Malaysia

Image Courtesy: roaming-the-planet used under the Creative Commons Licence

Located in Penang, Fort Cornwallis is the largest and the oldest standing site in Malaysia. It was named after Cornwallis , the 18th Century Governor General of Bengal, India. Inside the fort is the prison cell, old barracks with an ammunition storage area, a harbour light once used to signal incoming ships and an old cannon that decorates the fort.

Makam Mahsuri

makham mahsuri-historic places in Malaysia

Image Courtesy: Phalinn Ooi used under the Creative Commons Licence

Located in the island of Lankawai in Kedah, Malaysia, Makham Masuri is a tomb of a young woman named Mahsuri who was accused of infidelity towards her husband and was killed by her family. It is said that while dying she cursed the island for seven generations of bad luck. Mahsuri’s Tomb was converted into a historical site which includes a shrine, a garden and a traditional Malaysian house with a museum which houses her jewellery and the weapon that killed her.

Lembah Bujang

Lembah bujhang-historic places in Malaysia

Image Courtesy: Marufish used under the Creative Commons Licence


The only archeological museum located in Kedah, Malaysia, exhibits collections of evidence of trade and the propagation of Hinduism and Buddhism in Southeast Asia. Many items like porcelain, stoneware, clay pottery and Persian ceramics that were dug out in this area and can be found curated in the museum.

Batu Bersurat

Batu berusat-historic places in Malaysia

Image Courtesy: lumei used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Batu Bersurat in the Terengganu state of Malaysia.  It has an inscribed stone dated 702 AH which constitutes the earliest evidence of Jawi writing- based on Arabic alphabets in the Malaya Muslim world of Southeast Asia. The Stone stands testimony to spread message of Islam and the insights of Islamic culture.

Bukit Cina

bukit cina-historic places in Malaysia


Image Courtesy:Alexander Synaptic used under the Creative Commons Licence

Located in the historic site of Melacca, Bukit Cina also known as Chinese hill is the largest and oldest Chinese graveyard with 12,500 graves. The hills are known to be a gift to the sultan’s wife( daughter of the Chinese emperor) who brought hundreds of people from China and set up a house in the area which later became a burial ground for Chinese servants. The place also has a King’s well which served as a source of water to the Chinese back then.

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