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5 Food Night Markets in Taiwan

Your trip to Taiwan isn’t complete without a visit to these five food night markets in Taiwan, which serve delicious local street food delicacies.

1. Shilin Night Market


Image Courtesy:  Phil King used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Shilin Night market is amongst the largest and most famous night markets in Taiwan. This night market is now a must-see tourist destination and is famous for its wide range of fashionable clothing and authentic Taiwan eateries. The market usually opens by late afternoon/early evening and is buzzing till midnight. Some of the most famous snacks available here are the kebabs, deep-fried chicken breast, pan-fried dumplings, spring onion pancakes, oyster omlettes, pork soup, thick fish soup, grilled Taiwanese sausages, and fresh squid. Some specialty thirst-quenching refreshments include Chinese herbal tea, fresh fruit/vegetable juice and the pearl milk tea.

2. Raohe St. Night Market


Image Courtesy: Yosomono used under the Creative Commons Licence

This is the second most popular night market in Taipei city. Although these night markets are tourist destinations, they are formerly the Taiwanese people’s leisure mart. Raohe is one of the oldest markets with the best food. The main highlight is the Hujiaobing or black pepper bun, which is absolutely mouth-watering. Other tidbits include the squid stew, pork feet noodle strings, bubble tea, beef noodle soup and herbal rib stew. Raohe St. Night Market is a must for every tourist as they not only serve up delectable dishes, but also offer a wide range of fashionable commodities for shopaholics.

3. Keelung Miaokou Night Market


Image Courtesy:  jc_nyc used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Keelung Miaokou Night Market is relatively small when compared to the other night markets. It came into existence to meet the needs of the Dianji Temple worshipers. The market houses around 60 registered food stalls. One of the most famous snacks sold in this market is the Dingbiancuo, which is a rice noodle soup made from bamboo shoots, mushrooms, dried tiger lilies, shredded pork, oysters and dried shrimp. Other popular delicacies include the eel stew, Taiwanese tempura and butter crabs. Since Keelung is near the sea, the market is known to serve fresh seafood. To complement these delicious savories, Keelung also offers some refreshing juices and Paopao Ice – which is beaten and shaved ice, smoothened to a snow-like texture, flavoured with nuts and fruity jams.

4. Fengjia Night Market


Image Courtesy: Mike Czyzewski used under the Creative Commons Licence

Fengjia Night Market actually includes the Chijian Night Market. It is also known as the Wenhua Night market and is located in between the Feng Chia University and the Chinese Institute of Technology. This amalgamated Feng Chia market has roughly 15,000 shops, restaurants and stalls that sell all kinds of accessories, clothes, electronic products and music CDs/DVDs. Some of the exotic local dishes of the Feng Chia Night Market include the Feng Chia Four-in-One (a mix of tapioca pearls, jelly fig, lemon juice and Kumquat), Charbroiled pepper bread, crepes, cheese potato, Takoyaki and superfine low calorie ice cream. This is the ultimate place to indulge in some Taiwanese delicacies.

5. Tonghua Night Market


Image Courtesy: Ray Tsang used under the Creative Commons Licence

Tonghua Night Market is located in Da’an district and is smaller as compared to the other Taiwanese markets. It is more of a retail market than a food market. The night bazar is surrounded mainly by pet shops. The low-priced Taiwanese Teppanyaki dish is a must-try at this bustling night market.

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