5 Delicious Dishes From Central Thailand You Should Try

After a thorough culinary tour of Central Thailand, its time to explore the food that is unique to this region. From the fiery Pad Thai to the flavourful Tom Kha Soup, every morsel of food only from this region only adds to your culinary experience.

Here are 5 Delicious Dishes From Central Thailand You Should Try

Seafood Pad Thai

Authentic and scrumptious, this seafood Pad Thai has exotic flavours and readies your mouth for your next bite. The sweet and sour notes of tamarind paste gives it an extra punch. Pair it with a great wine and you’re sure to experience a gastronomical bliss.

pad thai seafood - delicious dish from thailand

Tom Kha Kai

Also known as Tom Kha Gai, this hearty bowl of rich and creamy soup is just the kind that you could make in a jiffy for a gathering. It uses Thailand’s favourite ingredient, – coconut milk.  This classic Thai soup is something that your family will relish.

Thai Tom Kha Kai - delicious dishes from thailand

Chicken Green Curry

The aroma of basil and lemongrass fills your house with the sweet fragrance. Authentic to the central plains, this chicken green curry also known as Gaeng Kiaw Waan,  is a generally paired with steamed jasmine rice and is a must try.

Chicken-Green-Curry - must try dish from thailand

Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

Apart from the numerous health benefits you can reap from green papayas, this salad is the easiest you can make. Authentic to central plains, this healthy salad recipe can be made in under 15 minutes. Top it with roasted peanuts for a that extra crunch.

Thai Green Papaya Salad - dish from thailand

Thai Red Curry Duck

The spices used in Red curry is not very different from the green curry however, the red curry paste uses red chillies for that extra hotness. Try this Thai Red Curry Duck recipe and pair it with a bowl of steamed rice. A perfect meal for a busy weeknight.

Thai Red Curry Duck Recipe - dish from thailand

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