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5 Amazing Facts About the Mid-Autumn Festival

There’s so much said and done about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival that you’d probably know everything about it. Well, almost.

However, here are some interesting facts about the Mid- Autumn festival also known as the moon festival and the way it is perceived across different regions according to different beliefs.

Here are 5  interesting facts about the Mid-Autumn festival you probably didn’t know:

1. Mid-Autumn Festival is also called as Moon festival

It is believed that during autumn the moon is at its brightest, and hence the Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival.

5 Amazing Facts About the Mid-Autumn Festival

2. Eating Mooncakes symbolises something special

Wondering what is special about eating Mooncakes? Well, in Chinese culture, a round shape symbolises completeness, and sharing mooncakes signifies the reunion of families. They come in different flavours and fillings. Check out our top 10 varieties of  mooncakes and also how to make moncakes in 10 simple steps.

5 interesting facts about Mid-Autumn Festival

3. The Mid – Autumn festival does not always occur on a full moon day

The Mid-Autumn Festival does not always occur during a full moon, contrary to popular belief, but the full moon will likely occur within two days of the festival.

Interesting facts about Mid-Autumn Festival

4. Mooncakes were used as secret weapons

Did you know? The mooncakes were used as a secret weapon to overthrow the Mongols. To know more about how it was used as a secret weapon, click here to read the full story.

Facts about Mid-Autumn Festival

5. Pot of rice to keep the rats away

During the festival in ancient times, silk-makers used to cook a pot of zhou (rice porridge) as an offering to rats to avoid having them eat their precious silkworms.

rice bowl - 5 Amazing Facts About the Mid-Autumn Festival

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